French residency changes in 2023

French residency changes in 2023

New regulation affecting residency rights

A new immigration regulation is to be debated, with adjustments anticipated to occur into power later on in 2023.

Its vital proposals involve:

  • A new variety of residency card for sectors with workers shortages (so-identified as métiers en rigidity). For illustration, it has been unveiled this week that there will be a new carte de séjour for healthcare staff, such as medical professionals, dentists, midwives and pharmacists. A total checklist of the positions impacted is to be posted in January
  • That individuals applying for multi-yr residency cards – for illustration, staff and self-used persons – must go a essential language test and not just agree to language lessons if their French is insufficient, as now
  • Individuals issued with orders to depart France, Obligations de quitter la France (OQTFs), would be put on a ‘wanted’ list, to guarantee they do go away and that their positive aspects are stopped
  • Regulation-abiding folks by now functioning in in-need sectors will not be questioned to depart France even if they are undocumented
  • A pledge to simplify renewal of residency legal rights for legislation-abiding resident foreigners.

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EU voting rights for British citizens

Alice Bouilliez of the EU Britizens association is awaiting a new ruling from the European Court docket of Justice in Luxembourg in her ongoing fight to show that it was wrong for Britons in the EU to have experienced EU citizenship rights removed. 

Her most up-to-date challenge, supported pro bono by attorneys Julien Fouchet and Jean-Noël Caubet-Hilloutou, focuses on decline of EU election votes.

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Votes-for-lifestyle for Britons abroad 

Secondary legislation is to be prepared in the United kingdom to allow for Britons to regain voting legal rights lost soon after a lot more than 15 several years overseas. 

A minister stated very last year that “legislation will be carried out to facilitate registration of electors from autumn 2023”.

The British in Europe marketing campaign group is at the time again energetic, pushing for this and improved voting methods.

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