How Common Are Truck Accidents in New York?

How Common Are Truck Accidents in New York?


Vehicles are a essential section of the country’s economic climate, transporting merchandise and goods within states and past. When incidents take place, however, vehicles can also pose considerable risks on the roads owing to their huge sizing and body weight.

Although some states record a reasonably lower range of truck incidents, the figures are noticeably better in active states like New York. This post explores how popular truck incidents are in New York, the frequent causes, preventive steps, and what you really should do if you get associated in a truck incident.

Truck Accident Stats in New York

In accordance to the Federal Motor Carrier Basic safety Administration, there have been 116 significant truck crashes in New York in 2020 alone. These accidents resulted in 117 fatalities and hundreds of injuries.

Aside from the human toll, big truck incidents generally have a considerable economic effect. They can consequence in delays in the delivery of items, targeted traffic congestion, and assets damage. These things can insert up to significant prices for persons, companies, and the place, building the have to have to mitigate their frequency.

Widespread Triggers of Truck Accidents in New York

Truck accidents can occur for a extensive variety of factors. Some common truck crashes will cause include things like dashing, distracted driving, and driver exhaustion. It’s critical to observe that these aspects can have an affect on all drivers, not just those people running vans. Even so, the severity of truck accidents is often far more considerable owing to the measurement and bodyweight of these vehicles.

Other feasible will cause of truck mishaps consist of very poor highway circumstances, bad weather, mechanical failures, and incorrect servicing.

How to Protect against Truck Mishaps in New York?

Staying vigilant when sharing the road with industrial vehicles is one particular of the most productive ways to keep away from receiving in a truck incident. Additionally, applying measures to handle the root brings about can help protect against truck accidents and be certain the safety of all highway customers.

For occasion, accidents related to mechanical failures can be averted by regular car maintenance and inspections. Driver education programs can also aid stop crashes associated to distracted driving and driver tiredness. 

What to Do if You’re Involved in a Truck Incident, e.g. in the Bronx

Irrespective of the energy created, it is not possible to remove the possibility of truck mishaps solely. The good thing is, what you do after an accident can support you recover immediately and transfer ahead from this traumatic working experience.

Trying to get health-related consideration is 1 crucial detail you will want to do following a truck accident. Even if you really feel high-quality, it is nonetheless a very good strategy to get checked out by a physician to rule out the risk of hidden accidents. Also, prior to leaving the incident scene and if you feel properly adequate, you must also acquire evidence, this sort of as photographs of injuries sustained, skid marks, and harm to your motor vehicle and the truck, in particular if you desire to recoup payment.

Even though you can go after payment on your own following a truck incident, it is usually finest to include a own damage lawyer. A lot more specially, you will need to employ the service of a person who specializes in truck accident situations inside the area where the accident occurred.

For instance, if the truck incident occurred in a place like Bronx County, Bronx truck incident attorneys, this kind of as Jacoby & Meyers, would be your ideal decide on. Hiring this sort of lawyers suggests you do not have to offer with the at-fault occasion, their insurer, or the local judicial personnel.


There is no denying truck incidents are a substantial worry in New York and the nation at large, with a sizeable variety of crashes developing just about every calendar year. The fantastic news is applying productive safety steps and marketing risk-free driving procedures can enable lessen the range of truck crashes on our streets and maintain all highway end users protected.