Property ownership bill threatens immigrant groups

Property ownership bill threatens immigrant groups

This legislative session, Texas State Senator Lois Kolkhorst, a Republican representing District 18, has been building the information with Senate Monthly bill (S.B.) 147, a proposal banning property acquisition or ownership by citizens of China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea. The monthly bill helps make no difference in between individuals who also are living and get the job done in Texas with authorized status. It also applies to dual citizens like myself. Governor Greg Abbott has thrown his guidance driving the bill, announcing that he will indication it. 

This monthly bill is riddled with complications. It treats entities that are bulk-owned by these countries’ governments the similar way as it treats personal people today who have citizenship there. It violates the 14th Modification when it arrives to citizens and non-citizens alike. It arguably is an unconstitutional foray into foreign plan for a state authorities. It primarily redlines specific immigrant groups out of residence ownership in Texas. 

Gov. Greg Abbott has said he endorses Senator Lois Kolkhorst's property ownership bill.

However, with just one social gathering continuing its many years-very long regulate of the Texas governing administration, this invoice may possibly really properly turn into regulation.

No matter whether or not it passes, even so, this monthly bill is a reminder that if you or your family fled a dictatorial place and came to The usa searching for higher rights and freedoms, Texas will not grant you the identical legal rights and freedoms afforded to other citizens. It is a reminder to all immigrants that residing in Texas usually means you are without end a handy political goal the arrows will arrive your way relying on how the political winds blow. Though so several immigrants and households like my very own take into consideration ourselves element of American modern society, we are often labeled “other” in the speeches politicians make and in the guidelines they suggest.