Drug Possession Cases in Sherman Oaks

Drug Possession Cases in Sherman Oaks

A Sherman Oaks drug possession lawyer can investigate your case and develop a strong legal strategy to help fight your charges. A lawyer can also assist with your legal needs throughout the entire legal process.

Drug offenses involve a wide range of substances and can carry serious penalties. For example, a conviction can result in fines, probation or even imprisonment.

Simple Possession

A drug possession case in Sherman Oaks can cause serious damage to your life. Not only will it be recorded on your criminal record, but it can affect things like your ability to find a job and even get insurance. Fortunately, the state of California has passed laws that drop possession charges to misdemeanor status.

Prosecutors only need to show that there was a trace, measurable or detectable amount of the controlled substance for a conviction on simple possession. If your lawyer can prove that you did not know that you possessed the drug, for instance if it was put in your pocket by a friend and police found it during a search without your consent, this could be a successful defense.

Additionally, a Sherman Oaks drug crime attorney can argue that the evidence was illegally obtained. This can be done by demonstrating that the search was conducted without warrant or probable cause and violated your rights. In cases where the police find a large quantity of drugs, they may also charge you with possession with intent to distribute.

Possession with Intent to Sell

If police find drugs along with drug paraphernalia they believe you use to sell, such as baggies and a scale, the prosecutor may claim you had intent to sell those substances. However, it’s important to remember that being near these items does not necessarily mean you had intent to sell them.

In order to be found guilty of possession with intent to sell, the prosecution has to prove you actually possessed the drug in question. They also need to show you had control over the drug or at least had the right to control it, which could be true even if the drug was not on your immediate person.

The penalties for possessing drugs with intent to sell vary according to the type and class of drug. A Sherman Oaks criminal defense attorney can help you defend yourself against these charges by explaining the specifics of your case and the options for an effective defense strategy.

Possession with Intent to Distribute

Possession with intent to distribute is a more serious offense that requires the prosecution to prove a person had both the drug and the intention to sell it. Prosecutors will attempt to use evidence such as scales, large amounts of cash, baggies, and communication with potential customers to establish that you intended to distribute the drugs.

A lack of intent is a valid defense to this charge. If you possessed the drugs in your possession and had no intent to sell them, you should not be charged with this crime.

A skilled Sherman Oaks drug lawyer will defend your rights throughout the legal process. They will work diligently to challenge the evidence against you and explore every available defense strategy. Your advocate will be by your side guiding you through the legal system, safeguarding your future and providing you with peace of mind. Call today to get started. A free consultation is available. The Brown Firm is here to help.

Drug Trafficking

A conviction for drug trafficking will carry serious penalties, including a felony record that could make it difficult to find employment or qualify for housing or loans. It is crucial for anyone accused of drug possession in Sherman Oaks to get a criminal defense lawyer to help protect their rights and interests throughout the legal process.

To prove intent to sell, prosecutors must produce circumstantial evidence such as large quantities of drugs discovered, the presence of items commonly used for drug sales, such as scales and plastic baggies, and other materials that suggest the defendant was engaged in drug transactions. A Sherman Oaks drug trafficking lawyer could use a variety of defense strategies, including arguing the legality of the search and seizure and challenging the credibility of witness testimony.

A Sherman Oaks drug possession attorney like Cyrus Tabibnia has a deep understanding of California’s legal system and is committed to fighting for the best possible outcomes in his clients’ cases. He can provide invaluable assistance in assessing the case, negotiating with prosecutors and preparing for trial.