The Trusted USCIS Office in Houston

The Trusted USCIS Office in Houston

Whether you are pursuing green card or naturalization, you may need to interact with your local USCIS office at some point. The agency handles interviews for these immigration applications, as well as performs naturalization ceremonies.

Thankfully, there are many field offices that do their jobs most effectively. Here are some tips for locating the best one for you.


USCIS is offering a variety of services in Houston, including interviews for non-asylum immigration cases and naturalization ceremonies. Those seeking interview notices for these types of cases will receive an email from the local office with their scheduled time. Those who need to visit the local USCIS office should arrive no earlier than fifteen minutes before their appointment, and must accept and use hand sanitizer upon entering the building.

Many legal immigrants have to liaise with the local USCIS office at some point during their immigration journey. Fortunately, the Houston field office is a great option for anyone seeking to navigate the complex immigration process. Whether you are looking to apply for citizenship, or simply want to learn more about the country’s laws, you can trust the Houston office to provide high-quality information and guidance.


The Houston field office conducts interviews for non-asylum immigration applications, as well as providing extra information and support in addition to what is available on the official government website. The office also performs naturalization ceremonies for green card holders who have successfully applied to become full-fledged citizens.

If you have an appointment at the trusted USCIS office in Houston, make sure to bring ID, and use the mandatory hand sanitizer. You can also request a biometrics appointment online, but remember that only the family member applying for the green card should attend the appointment.

The USCIS website includes a table that ranks field offices by their efficiency, using a weighted index that accounts for application processing times and backlog completion rates as well as location. The table shows that Cleveland is the best USCIS office, while Houston comes in at the bottom.

COVID Protocols

Visiting the USCIS office in Houston is still possible, although it’s advised to make an appointment first. You can do so on the USCIS website or by calling the Contact Center. Also, you should know that USCIS guidelines for mask-wearing in each field office location depend on the CDC-established community levels. Therefore, you should monitor the community levels on the CDC website before your visit to determine whether you should wear a mask or not.

These guidelines also include worker screening measures (such as notifying human resources and occupational medicine and health and safety professionals, if necessary) and workplace accommodations for workers who are sick or have been exposed to COVID-19.


Many jurisdictions encouraged–and in some cases mandated–citizens to wear masks in indoor public settings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Various methods of social distancing were also recommended, such as coughing into a bent elbow or a tissue and washing hands frequently.

While statewide orders broadly requiring mask-wearing have largely lifted, state health officials still recommend people wearing high-quality masks do so in communities with medium or high levels of transmission per the CDC’s COVID-19 community level designation (green means low; yellow is medium; and orange indicates high). Additionally, people should continue to wear masks in healthcare settings, certain congregate settings and on public transportation.

Those who are immunocompromised (people with immune systems that have been compromised by chemotherapy treatments for cancer, organ transplants or HIV infection) should also wear masks regardless of their vaccination status. Then-Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation in June 2021 that restricts local governments’ ability to impose or enforce face-covering requirements. However, individual businesses are free to require masks in their facilities.